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Hauwei P30 pro

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  • 30 GB full proc | 2000GN s consecvtetuer adipiscing eli
  • 40NTH Mauris fermentum dictum magna
  • Sed laoreet 500 mAh Battery
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The Gala S7 marks the return of the microSD slot and water-proofing, and while the battery is still sealed (which doesn’t seem likely to change going forward), Samser has been a lot more generous with the capacity for this generation. Gala flagships have always led the way when it comes to imaging, their cameras always being among the top performers in the market. This time around, Samsung went backwards to play a different game of numbers: fewer but larger pixels, all 12 million of them capable of phase detection.

The bottom holds the microUSB 2.0 port (no Type-C port for better or for worse), the primary mic, a single speaker and a 3.5mm jack. Amazing things which you can get.

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AMOLED has long since shaken off the stigma of being all punch and no precision, to actually bring the best of both worlds. The Always On displays are all the rage this season, and being able to light up individual pixels has always made this specific technology inherently suited for the job. “Why so late?” is probably the question to be answered.

What do you get

The size, shape and general design of the Gala S7 means it’s easier to hold and operate one-handed too. I could reach the other side of the screen with my thumb with far less strain, and it required little to no shuffling in the hand to move around the whole display.

Released Version Better than other
Memory 240ozu >20%
Display AMOLED 7psd >4%*
Speed Near 24pdf 5%
Camera Near 52 mpx not established
* Due to reviews of

The FM radio is perhaps gone for good, the assumption apparently being that the jury has ruled in favor of streaming over the internet. The IR blaster is another feature due for retirement – the S6 had it, then the Note5 didn’t, and now with the S7 the trend is clear.

Perfectly Done

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  • No FM radio (except for T-Mobile units in the US, so far)
  • No IR blaster
  • No stereo speakers


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8Expert Score
Good Product
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  • Awesome display
  • A phone that feels like the future
  • Stunning camera
  • It’s actually innovative
  • Awfully placed fingerprint sensor
  • Bixby is a bit of a dud

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